here several aural and sonic projects, whose sculptural dimensions are slightly elaborated below. differing projects are set apart in bold.

Myths of the Fou-Tchou-Li Clam Children

<Opera of a Loss-Diety>
<Kakophant's Headdress>
<Astral Projection / Pretending towards Shamanic song>
<the Hippies>
<Louis XIV, consideration against desire>
<General Motors stock holder's meet with the Prince of Light, 12-5-83>
<Last Dance of the Clam Children>

from the A-side/B-side EP:
<Jesus Drifting Around>
<Moans and Belches of the Leviathan> (film coming soon)

demon noises: <1> <2> <3>

<e[or]mail for full album>

Operatic Work With Jim Rowell 
(in progress forever)


Damaging Developing Fetuses and Children in Ways that are Just Starting to be Understood
(soon to be myspacing out)

<(the next track is this track's title)>
<chol66 b% [petting]>

Other Work

<My Life in a Post-Apocalyptic Urban Landscape Underground (soundtrack to the film)>
<Artshow D> (created at WOBC as an errant episode of the Voodoo Dada Experiment)