[a brief exemplary catalog of past acts]

painted completely purple, four of us very slowly crossed a field of revelers

while half of us froze, dressed as plastic dolls, others invited the public to dress, manipulate, and otherwise play with us

wearing leotards, we ran out onto the green with a futon and made vigorous love

we took turns puppeteering one another from a treetop, long ropes tied to our joints

two of us were grandmothers and the other two their arms, at a very messy picnic

wearing all white, five of us ate beets and tomato soup and vomited on ourselves and one another at a popular intersection

subsidiary of a larger performance within an interpretation of chekhov's 'the bear', we offered our audience the choice of spitting on one of us, or seeing another get cut with an electric saw

often, we enacted total improv scenes, free jazz plus contact improv, set within chalk circles in many cities and towns

i traveled the country one summer doing gibberish puppet shows on the streets from seattle to new york

naked but for a loincloth, i dragged a big pile of metal and wood refuse for three hours, tied to me with ropes, stopping occasionally to write words on the pieces

after a run-in with unwelcoming authorities, i spent an afternoon designating non-performative spaces around myself and assuring passers-by that there was certainly no performance in progress