(MANA Arts, Miami FL)
These monuments were all for sale, of for half the price, collectors would destroy them.

Monument to Relgion

[car parts, wood, gravel, garbage]
Monument to Extinction

[nature, cord, dirt, feelings, garbage]
Monument to Fascism

[melted honeybucket,  insulation, trash]
Monument to Mediocrity

[toiletries, string, metal, rocks, trash]
Monument to Fossil Fuels

[pipes, screws]
Monument to Surveillance

[sattelite dishes, foam, cameras, trash]
Monument to Hope

[playdough, leaves, stones, bullets, plastic, garbage]
Monument to Consumerism

[vaccuum, music, fan, wood, garbage]
Monument to Lonliness (ET)

[heiroglyphs, pallette, electrics, trash]
Monument to Hommogeneity

[fluff, wood scraps, plastics, pipes, trash]
Monument to the Police

[street sign, sticks, tarp, gravel]
Monument to Genesis

[hole, tar paint]

[...Afterwards, in the depths of Urbane Mallaise,
Erected, Placed, Installed, Henged...]