please post or email with your selections and interests.prices are negotiable, barters considered, and low-ball offers will be met with less wonderful relics. Venmo, Paypal, Cold Cash, Etc.

DimeBags $10+ Prints $10+ Prints $5+
Bags come in various shapes and sizes A wide diversity of patches
in black and in white

{Legend with coordinates}
Prints include small Rhizomes and Herds, and Larger Yggdrasil Mythographs, and can be hand watercolored

The Morphology of XOS $20+ Dice $?
The Morphology of XOS: A Utopic Vision of Hell with Anarchist Dialectics and Tentacle Pornography, is an emergent glimpse of a demonic planet, something between the Necromonicon and the Codex Seriphianus, currently moving into its fifth incarnation (edition 0.5), currently including a central booklet, color plates and cards, a poster, sticker, and theory/text piece. Updates to the Morphology will be forthcoming over the years, and extras such as the originary Jethr@ Rube comic can be included for a fee
[gif] [etymology pdf (included)]
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*OTHER ITEMS AVAILABLE: Camgirl Puppet Shows, Custom Grunt-Howl Phone Serenades, A Variety of Noise Albums (Myths and Mysteries of the Fou-Tchou Li Clam Children, Damaging Developing Foetuses and Children in Ways That Are Just Starting To Be Understood, A/B-side, Əē, etc), Comic Books and Manifestos, Drawings/Performances-Documentation Booklets, Digital MetaCollage Chapbook, Other Pieces of Garbage, and secret links to Deep Web Performances.