Lilith was Adam's first wife who fled the garden to become a witch after refusing to lay always beneath him during intercourse: A close reading of Genesis reveals that woman was Created twice, first from the earth, and later as a derivative of Man's rib. In the eleventh century A.D. a group of rabbis decided that to institutionalize the previously apocryphal Lilith myth to account for this discrepancy. Like most religious stories [e.g. Jesus::Hyacinth], Lilith has a previous cultural derivation in Sumerian legend, where she is also represented as a succubic demon. After her departure from Eden, Lilith, who remains unfallen, flew [she, unlike Adam, was bequeathed wings] to the shore of the  Black Sea, where she gives painless birth to scores of demon babes daily, one hundred one of whom are killed by God's sent angels so long as she remains errant - although it remains a matter of some dispute whether or not she and the Creator did at one point become sexually intrigued. To this day, charms are employed to protect infant children from Lilith, and her nocturnal seminal harvest is used to explain male wet dreams. Recently, Lilith has been appropriated by radical feminist theorists who often rewread her as a [sometimes meta-literary] Matrilineal provenience.