Yes, the witch and her necklace of teeth: she, who was Lilith escaped from Eden, Adam's first divorce, refusor of his tyranny, was (metaphorically) devouring a C.S. Lewis Christian propagandic talking dog/lion of Narnia, Moonlight her supple dangling breasts. The Idea of cannibalism. And she ate him with her toothy cunt, drooling back to front. (So if it's "further up and further in" you want, let's call it a sodomy.) This, then, is how Christ of Nazareth ended up with his golden mane & halo the last protruding part, and a woman's bulging voluptuous uterus the testament. "Please," he said. "I recant/ It was all bullshit." The Holy Trinity, 180o reduced to a line. (& were they all connected, suffered, then, as a candle. I thought so. Well, fuck.) so, grammatical...;

Then, all at once, all the petty princes and princesses in faery land shat themselves. It was a foul diarrhea, runny and puffy with raisinette clods. Pockets of green fart and sporadic constipated explosions issued now and again.
It ruined fine clothes. It rippled loud, deafening. It just kept on flowing.
The king and queen submerged a troupe of dwarves in the throne room; A few winged faeries got caught in the grapeshot of Squire Limaway's Movement as he lurched forward off his unicorn steed in the middle of the hunt. Others were asleep, and woke in acidic pools of what had been their mattresses, boiling up. At least it was warm.

Sila Billonaj the toad, and Por Morridge, his homosexual bat companion...they had set out on a...years later the gryphons would still...a great calamity...the towers crumbled to the ground and sank into the mud...steamy, ferocious sex..."calm clams? shut up. as if."...

A teeny tiny little girl was born, just the size of a clitoris. In fact...

The seven horses stormed out of the gates in a cascade of splintering wood and began to lash Medwin horribly with their tails until the cowardly forest elf was streaked with bloody hashes.
"What is happening?" he (or she) cried in schizophrenic unison, "I can't follow this at all! God help me"
So God reached down from his obtrusive weird heavenly paradise, where no one in their right mind would ever really want to be except maybe as a tourist for a few days, and whisked little Medwin off to a harem in the Mid-East. But these days there are only bones left.

Why, then, couldn't the frisky woodlanders rape those bastard-hungry developing jack-capitalists, blow up the dams, pour sugar in the gas tanks, stuff moth-balls in the tail-pipes, spike the trees, pop the tires, pull down the power-lines, blow-up the pipelines, and molitov every building in sight to the detriment (this is a handbook-guide) of the colonial-industrial-civilizational juggernaught? And with that, they did it, and all was well. Talking squirrels, Badgers, Tumnus the faun, and all our Neverending friends. Hell. You could do it.

"You are such a cadge" "What was that for? I love dragons" "Go bang a hell-honey" "Identity-whore" "Titty-whore" "Ass-breath" "No-face" "Draft-Dodger" "Politico" "Mormon" "Neuro-Mathematical-Liberal & Counter Revolutionary" "Piss-for-Teeth" etc. So the mudslings of giant hegemonical wyverns.

Timony! my penis is glowing, called Edgar from the depths of the caver below. But nobody ever heard, and the tale ended sad.

A giant fish leapt up and devoured the giant fisherman lazing on the shore by his cave: the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship between the digestive tract of the fish, and the giant, whose three orphaned babies would variously starve to death and choke intending to devour one another.

[& the anthropo-whateverism of all the players in these stories, slightly humanoid.

The moral of the story is - waait a minute... this is just a deception. heeey'm. ha! saw through that one well enough.

Once upon a time, a story began to attack and unravel itself.

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