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Extinction Cart

THE TOUR: Since 2020 enormousface has been on an End of the World Tour, performing at museums, squats, galleries, festivals, compost heaps, and other non-disclosed locations, making interventions and not-happenings in public space, building baroque grotesque kinetic installations and organizing Garbage Festivals from the Americas and Europe to Oceania, Asia, Africa, and everywhere else -- sometimes alone and sometimes in collective becoming.

Thus far, the tour has passed through over fifty countries, and soon will have passed through fifty more. Puppet Shows usually last 20-40 minutes and are self contained with light and sound needs, adult friendly [but not necessarily appropriate for all minors (negotiable)], and best viewed in semi-intimate settings by groups of 20 to 100.

BIO: enormousface is a slime mold who lives in a (w)hole in the void with scores of feral pups and disintegrating abjects. xE is a wandering unbeing who makes Puppet Shows, Not-Happenings, Interventions, and Installations from Gutters to Galleries all over this collapsing world. Reared in a tiny rainforest in Cascadia, xE has hitchhiked the length of the Americas, lived underground in NYC and New Orleans for a decade, toured Europe four times, been arrested a dozen times simply for acting too strange, pushed towers of grotesquery huge distances across many cities, and organized a series of guerrilla festivals from Elevate1 to Garbage Fest.

xErr work explores Psycho-Ecology, Semiotic Apocalypsis, Abject Animism, Meaninglessness & Normality, Anarchist Literary Theory & Philosophy, Poesis::Noesis, Pataphysics, Post-Queer Anti-Humanism, Pure Garbage etc.

For bookings and other inquiries, please email.

Mabou Mines' Medea Alter

The L Train

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After ending 2023 in New Zealand and Australia, the tour will be continuing through Papua, Indonesia, Brunei, East Timor, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, The Philippines, Korea and Japan before heading back to NE Europe, the American Midwest, and the Caribbean. After that: Africa? South Asia? Antarctica? Chime in, world.It's in the works. 

Tour Poster
The Extinction Cart, NYC 2019 Pink Puppet Sampler, 2023 Medea Altar & the L Train, 2018 The Performance Cart, 2014+ Tour Poster, printed in Athens 2023