i am always interested to hear interpretations, analysis, and criticism of the work, as well as to accept commissions. please direct electronic correspondences to:

and all other viscera to:
PO Box 64
New York City, NY 10276
FB: enormousface

I NEED: lots of tiny guns, perfect human clothes, an mp3 recorder, mini microwave & chainsaw, melophone, jaw harp, coronet, violin bows, concertina, compact 30sleepingbag, a little amp, a loop pedal, tiny cameras, toy diosaurs & old toys generally, spray foam & packing peanuts, giant pacifiers, a pdf e-reader, leotards, wings, dentures, an ancient old world map, slender volumes of avant garde literature, typerwriters & other broken machines, suitcases, bones, an aircraft carrier, and different kinds of love. poly*