Long Thyme No C… hope lotsa posts coming soon. For now, also should be lots of forthcoming work on the now month-old T.A.N.G.!, a pseudo-capitalist collective offshoot of Dump.fm started by @LCKY & @maryrachel. I’ll be elaborating a bunch of bogus SoC theories on there over the next weeks. There’s contests too, seems like! So let me know about things you’d like to see extemporized, elaborated, or lengthened… ¬†”What is E-Mail?” // “What is T.A.N.G.” // “ponies respond to elitist.”

It’s funny for me to keep delving further and further into worlds of digital art, even as a kind of ultimate metaphor rebuke against discourses of ¬†Reality-Authenticity-Spectacle.

Keep on lookin! Back in New York City very soon indeed.