Monthly Archives: August 2011

Dump.Fm as Other: Externalizing the Memory Palace

It makes strange sense to become emotional about digital communities. Shut now, sadly though we are growing and learning. “This Is The Future” and a special constant analog. Is a GIF a film? Is it a miniature electronic limb or the neuron of a tremendous ironic Body? If talking-with-pictures is semiotic~
my log: &  watch dump [...]

Reflections in a Dark Lens

For the past year, there’ve been a quiet host of interviews and films coalescing around…and I guess problematizing…the boundaries between my “self” and my “work”. In any case, Interviews, Made-for-TVimeo Documentary (should we approach the infomercial?), and a milieu of footages keep happening, and each time it feels like they probe a little deeper [...]

Digital Graffiti Art

This is to juxtapose two mediums of activity which do seem to present a kind of analogy, at least as I work in them. I’ve been increasingly excited and active on the (newly Elite ?!?) digital media art synaesthetic chat room, and also in the world of live-action advertising detourmount (this is especially fun [...]

On Eating Hashish

[ellipsis...] I am, and have mostly been, straight-edge for most of my life. I’ve never smoked a cigarette or done any drugs, and have gone through periods of dedicated abstinence of various types, mostly politically motivated. However, about six months ago in New Orleans, I accidentally ate an eighth of marijuana in cookie dough [...]