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Awake again. Always awake (always already awake) with crickets and the sea swarming in these oreja vacuums, I remember when You tried to write the Whole Anatomical Sky on my ceiling with glow in the dark stars.
Swerving in and out of the same thing for years, what bitterness I could have grown. Did grow. Am [...]

Seattle to Patagonia: Kuna Yala

The Colombian sailboat didn’t sail. The $30 heister left me dry, of course. All the ships and sailboats, all of them, charged $200-1,000 dollars fare to get across, from Panama, Colon, Portobelo, Miramar. So I went to live with the Kuna indians in the San Blas Islands (that’s Kuna Yala) and wait for my ship, [...]

Hitchhiking from Seattle to Patagonia

As troubling as it is to expound upon this, here are a few grains from a journey I took south through the hemisphere two years ago that folks have been interested in purveying.
(I’ll be tacking this post together for a minute as I gather it, so hold your horses while it manifests; & I’m not [...]

The Social Utility of the Arts (Dario Fo thru linking Street Theater – an already intrinsic radical art form – to radical politics, eco-anarcha & otherwise); How how; to engage these in such. Blatantly & otherwise. an aesthetic-selfish revolutionary.
“this is a revolution,” i thought as i was going to sleep
Writing to those incarcerates:
1. 20 years [...]

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