Not-Happening # [n+1 etc]
The Not-Happening: Towards a Thickening, Obfuscating, Messiness
-*La Vuelta Analfabetica*- (against the patrimony of clarity) An Etymolog




The "Not-Happening" is geneologically embedded in the Easy Polemical Anti-Discourse of Trauma, Negation, and Inedibility // 0% Nutrition, the revulsion of ten thousand peasant handelbars, an Ebola of the Intellect // Apostate and Introverted, Asocially Extroverted Cosmic Political Autism // The aesthetic realization of intrinsic and landscopic post-capitalist contradi[stin]ction // The inverted Hikikomori, always-already constructed outside the self, a blank canvas of alterity for the projection of the Normal Other || The working class scaling the Ivory Tower only to leap to its death in a flaming non-cathartic jouissance // Hipster Apocalypsis | Gentrification Holocaust | Reverse Yuppie Becoming // Metaphorical Human Retreat through Mammalian Hierarchies, the devolution of Phylogenetic Ontogonies // The Phallogocentric Sky[sk]raping tower of Babel as Micropenis //Reckless Abandon/Last Ditch Effort, previous to Post-FutureDadaFlux, Negative Milieu // Non-Philosophy Groupie Party and Radically Pathetic Bourgeois Kegger Spectaction, Neither Acting nor Watching // Obviating Avant-Kitsch Collegiate Garbage Jubilee: Fuck Liberalist Recycling, Jargon-Swimming Revolutionary Hopefuls, Ante-Pathetic Mural Artistes, Organic ToxicGreenCapital Health Fetishists, Ignoramus WhitePeople NoCOlourSeers, Chauvinist Ultra-Linear Para-Historical Real-Time Revisionists, Atrology-Limping Suffragette Wingnuts, iPhone-Genitalled Media Mogul Wannabees/bats/sharks (95% mold fins) // Carrot-Sticking the Police State, Edging-In on proto-weirding National Cultural Boundaries - Frontier-Living, Cerebral Pharmaceutical Ententdre // Giving Back Public Space in Condescending Acts of SolidCharity Perform[N]ativity //Biblical Proportions of Pornographically Obscene Childishness, Ribald Charicature Slurs, Auto-Erasure, The Leave-No-Trace Policy (Landscape::Self::Body::Nihil) // Ranting Non-Consecutive Fractals, Employing too many hi-faluten pre-suffixes, #thickness #messiness #no-language Precociously Against Policy // Neither Disturbing nor Funny, Too Loud, Too Quiet, Too Boring, Repulsive Banal Maximalist Dogmas, VOluptuous Slut-Shaming Appropriative Hari-Kari Mythos, Upsidedown Alphabets of Oppression and Collapsis // The Universal Orgone Accumulator of Death and Forgetting, An Eat-Your-Fruits&Vegetables Wastrel Slave, Chattel Artisanry, $ubjegation to the Gog-Magog Axis of PetrolNaturaLuciferian Physics // Weak Economies of Resistance, Street Crud, Fastening Claws Teeth and Other Hooks onto sheets of silent speech // Insane Paranoiac Bloating as Survivalist Misstep, Calorie-Grindr, Internette Thread-Weaver, Cloths of Mathemathic Equators, Solar Billiards, Divestment from the Human Project, Spatial Rejuvination, Eco-Darkness, Pitting Poetry Against Theory, Fiction Against Metalurgy, Binary Against Duality, Plot/Scheme/Thrust/Narrative/Thesis Patriarch || Clown-Car as Hedonistic Hearse Chariot, Knelling the Shattered Fimurs of Ecclectic Acculturated Colonialism, Gender Empathy, Identity-Euphoria Drift, Nan-Sinse. || "What Does It Mean" as a self-cannibalizing paralitic insect, Neo-Neo, Yes-Wave Gaze Pata-Projection, Immanently Categorizeable Nothos, Profound Poly-Dimensional Venn Diagrammars of Spinning Semiosis || Geriatric Youth, Revolting Nuggets of Sexual Aporia, Disgusting Olympian Renegades of Filth and Chaosmosis, Against the "Absurd" || Sloppy Paradigmatic Derrailleurs Against Thermodynamics, The "Hay Guys!" of Terrorist Metaphysical Praxes, The Great Wall of the Sub-Id.

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