vestigal structural possibility when quiet groans clam the small rugs
in conversation liquid even against every no and aped into swift awl
not-being, not-being, the basement-above, please or another OOO.


fractals in a series of boxes, the out-takes from a built world imagined
as the collapsing toybox of the garbage dump. these contexts, whittled
through rote symbolic signifiers, long after the subtle cling of wholity,
like as not to shun the reliquary tracing a devotional performativity.

rolling hills, crushed tools, operatic television sets, cake faux-chocolate,
idolic robot temples, simple collaborative hairs, parent & child
a drawn-out hippie apocalypse of loss discovery

if cortazar would say "we am/was the text of a being other"
as borges is the scratch "no theories longer than the storied tenth, a mist"
in aira's words "i xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

below hoping after the explanatory matrix, down and poised by little runs
the letters move about.